Belfast Inner North West Masterplan

Kathryn Firth / +44 (0)7915 002079 Belfast Inner North West Masterplan, Belfast, Ireland Client: Belfast City Council Brief: Renewal of a city centre Size: hectares Status: Masterplan he Inner North West is an underdeveloped area of the city centre. It is in need of significant investment to ensure coherent proposals come forward on the … Read More

Porter Square Masterplan

Kathryn Firth / +44 (0)7915 002079 Porter Square Masterplan, Cambridge MA USA Client: Gravestar Inc. Brief: Reconfiguration of a strip mall into mixed use development Size: 2.6 hectares Status: Conceptual Master Plan completed This masterplan transforms a typical strip shopping centre into a set of urban blocks that both frame a public square and … Read More

PLAN: Downtown, Boston

Kathryn Firth / +44 (0)7915 002079 PLAN: Downtown, Boston MA USA Client: Boston Planning and Development Agency Brief: Policies and design guidelines for Downtown Boston Size: 102 hectares Status: Draft Report This study outlines a plan to ensure the continuity of a dynamic, diverse mixed-use Downtown for Boston’s future. PLAN: Downtown provides a framework … Read More